New Research – Classroom Physical Activity Improves Student Engagement

A recent study published in the journal Preventive Medicine has reported that physical active academic lessons may lead to improvements in task engagement or time-on-task (TOT) in primary school aged children.

The study conducted in 320 primary school children in Texas exposed children to a traditional sedentary lesson; a high interest sedentary lesson; a low to moderate-intensity physically active lesson; and a moderate-to-vigorous intensity physically active lesson.


Overall the study found that the pupils TOT decreased following the sedentary lesson, did not change following the high interest sedentary lesson, and increased following the physically active lessons. The increase was greatest herpes yeast infection for the moderate-to-vigorous intensity physically active lesson. The study authors therefore suggested:

It is hoped that behavior change through the usage of in class physical activity will enhance learning by increasing TOT during subsequent academic instruction

The study summary can be accessed here:

New Research – Classroom Physical Activity Improves Student Engagement